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A way for users to save and track products from their favorite shopping websites.


Staash is a way for anyone to save products they love from any shopping website or app. They can share their "staash" of products to their friends or family as a wishlist or use it as a way to track products they want to buy in future. It is currently in closed alpha.

Early mockups of the mobile app

The problem

It started as a personal problem for me. I needed a way to save products from different shopping websites and couldn't find a way to organize them all in a way that fulfilled all my needs. I discussed my idea to some friends and they thought this would also be useful to them. There are different sites and services that kind of solved this already but none of them seemed tailored to this particular use-case. I had tried Google Chrome Bookmarks, Google Keep, Pinterest, Notion and also sites like fancy, canopy, thieve - basically I tried everything. They were either focused on a particular website, were too bloated, or wasn't tailored for the particular use-case I needed it for.

Staash Logo

What I did

So, I went ahead and created a document with all the different features from all the services I had tried to identify what unique problems Staash would solve.

Pre-launch landing page and product listing page


The product is still in the alpha stage, but the plan is to roll it out in phases to validate and get user feedback, and iterate before releasing the final version of the app.

Chrome extension confirmation
Confirmation page for beta signup

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