Making Art

03 Feb 2018

I recently started painting, and I made my first canvas painting. I live-shared the process on twitter.


What is UX?

11 Jul 2017

A short exchange I had with an Immigration official at the airport in Accra yesterday;

Jekyll snippets

08 Jun 2017

This is just a quick post listing a few of the jekyll snippets I’m using on this site. I’ve been running this site on github pages for a few years now, and I love how simple it is to setup and how lightweight it is.



21 Jan 2016

I got a question on twitter asking where I go to for inspiration. Just thought I’d write quick list addressing that — might be useful to someone.


03 Jan 2016

Just stop! That’s what I tell myself whenever I’m at that point where I seem to be over-thinking a task at hand. I find myself rethinking, perfecting, criticizing or polishing what I’m working on, and sometimes starting over just because it doesn’t look perfect…