The State of UX in 2019

21 Dec 2018

Making Art

03 Feb 2018

I recently started painting, and I made my first canvas painting. I live-shared the process on twitter.


What is UX?

11 Jul 2017

A short exchange I had with an Immigration official at the airport in Accra yesterday;

Jekyll snippets

08 Jun 2017

This is just a quick post listing a few of the jekyll snippets I’m using on this site. I’ve been running this site on github pages for a few years now, and I love how simple it is to setup and how lightweight it is.



21 Jan 2016

I got a question on twitter asking where I go to for inspiration. Just thought I’d write quick list addressing that — might be useful to someone.


03 Jan 2016

Just stop! That’s what I tell myself whenever I’m at that point where I seem to be over-thinking a task at hand. I find myself rethinking, perfecting, criticizing or polishing what I’m working on, and sometimes starting over just because it doesn’t look perfect…


Curating Lagos

02 Dec 2015

Two years ago, I had this simple idea — To post one photo each day, of places I went to in Lagos. I created a tumblr — randomlagos.tumblr.com and uploaded random photos of places in Lagos. The photos weren’t professional or edited, I just pull out my phone and take a picture — Pretty straightforward.


El Capitan - First Impressions

18 Aug 2014

I recently updated to the OS X Yosemite developer preview on my macbook air and I’ve been loving it so far. It’s smooth and there are only a few bugs. All my software run fine & overall it doesn’t feel like a developer preview.

Material Design & Android L

26 Jun 2014

I watched the live keynote from the ongoing Google I/O conference on YouTube yesterday and was really impressed by the things announced there.. from Android wear to Android auto, and Android TV.

How I upgraded my Nexus to Android 4.4.4 without losing root, files (and Xposed Framework)

23 Jun 2014

I just got the OTA for Android 4.4.4 on my Nexus 4. It could have been as easy as installing the update and rebooting my device, but the problem was that my phone was rooted. If I had installed the OTA directly I could have ended up with a boot-loop or have to re-root and installed apps all over again . I’ve had a similar experience in the past.

The perfect mail app for mac

21 Jan 2014

Ever since Google acquired and ceased development of Sparrow, I’ve been looking for that mail app that would take it’s place on my dock.

My Setup (2014)

06 Jan 2014

I got inspired to write this after replying to this post on Designer News. I have a very light setup and I prefer to keep it that way because I move around a lot.


Xposed Framework for Android

31 Dec 2013

I just love Android. I recently rooted my phone & installed Xposed. Xposed is a framework of modules that install functionalities you would normally get by flashing a ROM. So, for instance you can change the color of the icons in your status bar, or disable the annoying unsafe volume warning, or add a reboot option to the power menu, without flashing a ROM.