My Setup - 2014

06 Jan 2014

I got inspired to write this after replying to this post on Designer News. I have a very light setup and I prefer to keep it that way because I move around a lot.



I use a 13” Macbook Pro (Mid 2010) which has been my companion for years, & recently upgraded to an SSD hard drive after a disk failure. I use Microsoft Arc Mouse & a Wacom Bamboo Tablet, though, I rarely use the tablet. I backup my files on a WD My Passport External HD 1TB.



I use Chrome for browsing/building websites & the Keep extension for syncing notes with my phone, Photoshop/Illustrator for designing (Looking to transition to Sketch soon), SketchBookPro for sketching, Colorsnapper for picking colors, Ember for collecting inspiration, Sublime Text (with Flatland Theme) for coding, XAMPP for my local dev environment, iTunes/Spotify for music, Airmail for emails, Skype & Twitter for communicating, & Simplenote for writing.

Basically, that’s it. There are some apps I didn’t mention but these are the apps I launch almost everyday.

I like to think of this as my 2013 setup because I expect it to change soon. What do you think?


I recently got the 2014 Macbook Air and I’m loving it. Also some part of my workflow has changed so I’ll write an updated setup post soon.

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