Material Design & Android L

26 Jun 2014

I watched the live keynote from the ongoing Google I/O conference on YouTube yesterday and was really impressed by the things announced there.. from Android wear to Android auto, and Android TV.

But what caught my attention the most was Material Design and the next version of Android.

I’ve always been a fan of Google’s Android and Kitkat was starting to feel stale. Though it has been getting several minor interface refresh, I’ve always been waiting for that complete redesign that would get rid of the several inconsistencies in the design.

Fast forward to “Android L”


Those navigation icons would need some getting to..

Material Design

Material Design is the name of Google beautiful new design language. Everything looks more thought-out. The effort that went into unifying the design and getting rid of inconsistencies is evident.


I love the simplicity of the design, and I think Android has finally gotten it right. I’ll hold on to my verdict for now until I actually use it. But I think this is a far better design than Kitkat’s Holo design. The blue accent and overly dark interface has been replaced with a colourful new design.

I wish I could run this right now, but I guess I’ll just wait till the developer images are released (Might have to get rid of my nexus 4 & get a Nexus 5).

Further reading:

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(Images via: droidlife)

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