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A payment solution that makes it easier to pay, send & receive money in Nigeria.

The problem

Online payment in Nigeria is often unreliable for customers to send and receive money reliably, and sellers don’t have an easy way to receive payment from customers. We set out to offer a more seamless way to send and receive money in Nigeria that works online and offline?

My role

I was the sole-designer on this project. My role cut across user interface design and development, app design, and usability testing. I worked closely with the product owner, UX researchers, developers, and other roles on the team to make sure the app solved the problems we set out to solve.

What we did

For customers: We created an app for them to buy or pay for goods, send and receive money to/from friends and family.

For merchants: We made it easier for them receive money from buyers using our POS app, and have an easy way to view transactions with an online Dashboard.

For developers: We created an SDK that they could integrate on their product to easily receive one-time or recurring payments from their users, and a robust documentation.

Research and Problem Identification

In-depth research, explorations and planning sessions at the beginning of the project ensured we clearly identified and knew the why exactly we were solving the problems we set out to solve. I worked closely with our UX researchers and Product owner to come up with a good foundation to build on.

Prototyping & User Testing

In order to get quick feedback and iterate on the the product with as little effort as possible, we worked on creating prototypes we could test with actual users through street testing - to get some qualitative feedback before building the actual product.

Since we had multiple products - The buyer app, seller POS app, and integrated SDKs in 3rd party apps, we had to come up with a scalable way to design for all products across multiple platforms - Android, iOS, and Web.

Tools used: Hotjar, Google Analytics, Lookback.io, Google Analytics, Proto.io, Sketch & Zeplin.

Getting feedback from users: Hotjar, Google Analytics, Lookback.io, Google Analytics, Proto.io, Sketch & Zeplin.

Some of the mockups for the KongaPay mobile app.

Final Product

The final product was; An app for customers (iOS and Android), a seller POS app for merchants, and integrated SDKs in 3rd party apps - including a web pay interface for 3rd party sites.


We were able to launch a product that helped hundreds of thousands of people transact - buying, selling and sending money to friends and family. There were lots of learnings along the way and it was great seeing the impact of what we had designed.

This project made me appreciate the importance of user testing and getting the product in the hands of users during the design proces.

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