• Product design and user experience case-study for KongaPay - A better way to send, receive money, and pay for goods and services in Nigeria.
  • Available on Android, iOS & Web.

Improving Payments in Nigeria.

KongaPay is a safe an secure payment method built in partnership with leading banks in Nigeria. As a user, all you need to do is register with your bank account / card details, and you can then proceed to make payments anywhere KongaPay is accepted with just your phone number and pin.

As a merchant, you can receive payment from users online (on your website), in your app (with our integrated Android & iOS SDKs) and in-store (with the POS App).

Mobile Apps (For Users & Merchants)

There is a also the mobile app (for Android and iOS) where users can perform functions like; bill payment, airtime purchase, TV Subscription payments, sending & receiving of money and so on..

For Merchants, the POS app enables them to get paid in-stores, monitor their transactions, with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Web Checkout

This is an embeddable payment form that anyone can use on their website to receive payment from customers on web and mobile. Users can pay easily without losing context of the transaction.