Curating Lagos

02 Dec 2015

Two years ago, I had this simple idea — To post one photo each day, of places I went to in Lagos. I created a tumblr — and uploaded random photos of places in Lagos. The photos weren’t professional or edited, I just pull out my phone and take a picture — Pretty straightforward.

Picture taken from the pedestrian bridge at Ketu bus-stop (Ikorodu Road)

Fast-forward to today, I opened the blog I hadn’t opened in a while and noticed how some places in the pictures looked different from how they do today.

Under 3rd mainland bridge

I immediately remembered a photo I saw on Twitter, comparing how Broad Street looked in 1951 and Now, and I wondered how these places would look in 60 years.

I also remembered the messages I received on Tumblr from Nigerians outside the country who had left the country requesting locations where I should take pictures of. Following the blog showed them what home looked like — without the fancy lenses & photo filters.

I think this is an idea worth exploring, there’s some value here. I’m thinking of building on the idea & see where it takes me. I’ve registered the domain name

Please if you have suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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