I'm a User Interface Designer & User Experience Specialist.

My name is Ernest Ojeh. I design digital experiences for web and mobile. I share my latest design works on dribbble & I'm @namzo on Twitter.


Design shouldn’t just look good but work well. I design interfaces that are easy to understand, and simplify the process required to perform actions. I like to explore all available ways to go about a problem and identify the most functional one - that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for aesthetics.

I believe the user shouldn’t be distracted from the important things so I try to identify & eliminate redundant elements in the design.

Simple aesthetic aids the functionality, so the product doesn’t become a chore to the user but rather a pleasant experience that just happens without distractions.

Every design decision should be intentional. I believe in making a good first impression and the design should show to the user the care and work that has been put into crafting the product.


I do a lot of research and exploration. I like to familiarize myself with the problem from the start. I usually start by making sketches after collecting data and talking to the client, brainstorming and exchanging ideas, then I make prototypes and design concepts in Sketch.

Press & Recognition

Over the past few years, some of my work & projects i've participated in have been featured in magazines, sites and have won a few awards. Most notably Prowork won the Apps4Africa 2012 challenge, and was featured in CNN, BBC, and other sites and magazines. We were also finalists on the 2012 Meffys Awards.